Supreme Court Hears Oral Argument on “Parallel Parking Space” Defect Case Against Government

Last week, the Michigan Supreme Court heard oral argument in the case of Yono v. Michigan Department of Transportation, Supreme Court Docket No. 146603.

I recently filed a supplemental amicus curiae brief on behalf of Oakland County Road Commission, Wayne County and Macomb County Department of Roads, which you can read here: 146603SuppAmicusCMDR.

I had previously written an amicus brief in support of the state’s application urging the Court to take up the case.

Below are my previous posts about this case, in which I originally correctly noted the Court of Appeals opinion would likely be subject to further appellate review.

Yono v. MDOT – Supreme Court Grants to Consider Whether Highway Defect Exception Applies to Defect in Parallel Parking Spaces

Amicus Brief Filed in Support of State’s Application for Leave to Appeal

Court of Appeals Rules Defect in Parallel Parking Space Within Highway Exception to Government’s Suit Immunity


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